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Don’t Dread Relocation.     Relocation can be made easier. I love to assist military, military families and non-military families who are relocating anywhere across the USA.  I am an Associate Broker and Military Relocation Specialist who has been a Realtor for 30 plus years. I am a friend to anyone relocating. Over the years I have developed a keen knowledge of the Georgia housing area to include Atlanta and surrounding areas. I also welcome working with Realtors in “out-of-town” locations. If you are a Realtor located anywhere in the USA, I can handle your referrals whether military or other families. Contact me regarding your particular relocation situation and let’s work out all the particulars. Let’s make the move go well for the family. So, if you have anyone who wants to relocate to the Georgia area, let’s talk! Don’t forget, Lillie is a Military Relocation Specialist waiting to help you and/or family with your next move!
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There are many benefits if you choose to become a real estate salesperson. You can work when the type of job you are looking for is hard to find. Selling homes can be very profitable. You can make the most of your skills. Selling real estate can offer lots of flexibility. If you are have a knack for making folk feel comfortable around        you, you may want to consider real estate sales. You can consider purchasing, renting or investing in property. You can make good to excellent money. You can choose your work hours. There are excellent career opportunities available. You may consider starting your own business. Why not consider becoming a real estate salesperson. It can be an excellent and fulfilling choice!!!
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