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First Things First!
Find a good Real Estate Agent. Then look for a loan. Get pre-qualified. Don’t look for a house before you’re prequalified. Once qualified don’t keep checking your credit. Do not make any other credit purchases or borrow money other than an emergency. If you have questions, please call.
Find a good Real Estate Agent and then get started.
First Things First! Once you qualify for a loan and found the house you want, don’t finance another  purchase. Lenders will check credit reports before closings to see if your financial situation has changed.
Some things to think about before you go looking for your first home.
What size is your family? Do you have school age children? How much of a home can you afford? What size home do you require? What neghborhood do you want to live in? Do you want a single family home or will a condomindum work for you and your family?
Are you looking to sell your present home? Do you want to downsize to a smaller home? Call us Today! Get an experience Real Estate Agent involved as soon as possible!
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Key To Your New Home?
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New Pathways Consultants, LLC Real Estate & Leadership Education Welcome Realtors!
Upcoming Classes To Be Announced. Please keep checking this space. Students must be on time for all classes!!
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Getting started with RPR and buyer services: Great for real estate agents who would like to sharpen their skills and services for their clients. Locate properties for your buyers with succinct criteria that will pinpoint the home they will find most attractive and also have most of their needed and desired features. You will be able to meet your clients demands/requests using this powerful application.
Property Resource
  Basic Class (One Hour Introduction)  See Fayette County Board Of Realtors Website For Registration.
COLUMBUS, GEORGIA PRE-LICENSE  (75 HOUR SALESPERSON WEEKEND CLASS)  This course is designed for you to study, learn and prepare for the Georgia State Salesperson’s examination. Small classes give time for more instructor/student discussion and interaction relating to the various topics.  Our courses use technology, reading supplements and hands-on activities. This is an intense learning experience which requires lots of attention.  It will engage you in a major way and cover the following aspects of real estate that includes, real estate business, agency, real property, contracts, buying, selling, leasing real estate, overview of appraisal processes, overview of finance processes, the math of real estate, the Georgia law as it relates to real estate and much more. There are 2 (two) midterm exams. REQUIRE MINIMUM SCORES OF 75% FOR BOTH MIDTERM EXAMINATIONS.  MATERIALS & CRAM COURSE OFFERED All materials: activity/practical workbook, 1 textbook, 1 basic calculator and 1 notebook/and or bag are included in your tuition. For those who wish to register for the additional two (2) day cram session, please register with this class site at the time of class registration to receive the discounted price.  The cram course is an additional $50 dollars when added to your class registration. The cram course is optional and not required by the state to complete your 75 hours of instructions. Columbus, Georgia (Veterans Parkway)
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Georgia License Law (New Updates) Peachtree City, Ga. It’s Listing Time!!! Peachtree City, GA. Code Of Ethics Peachtree, City GA. Fair Housing Peachtree, City GA.
New Pathways Consultants, LLC  Copyright  2017 - 2020   New Pathways Consultants is not a real estate company, but do partner with real estate professionals & financial specialists who support the buying & selling of homes. All Rights Reserved